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.Melanie Garbo-Byrnes opened her boutique in the fall of 2001 in a 10'x10' booth in an antique mall in Boca Raton, Florida.  She always had a flair for coordinating outfits at a young age.  While growing up in the 60's and 70's, Melanie loved decorating her room to as if she was merchandising a retail window.
After leaving the corporate world in 1996, Melanie enjoyed her creative freedom by working part time at a ladies upscale consignment shop where she couldn't sit still so she began designing window displays and merchandising the shop's inventory.   Her work was the envy of similar shops in the area, but not for long.  In six months Melanie began freelancing her skills to many shops in Boca Raton and Deerfield under the name of "Creative Diversity".  On her days off, she frequented thrift shops, flea markets and estate sales "picking" for the unusual. Her home became a swinging door for vintage clothing and collectibles, cleaning, restoring and displaying them in her booth at the antique mall.  She gave her small funky boutique the name "Vintage Diversity"..

After six months her tiny space became an attractive source for large, established vintage shops in Miami, NYC, Chicago and LA. Vintage Diversity relocated to a 500 square foot shop on Wilton Manors Island in the center of Fort Lauderdale.  The interest in her flair for the funky & unusual became too great for the small space so in a few months Vintage Diversity moved to a 1000 square foot shop on the same block. In a very short time her business took a turn and she began providing era costume rentals. 

The rest is history! 

In 2005, Melanie purchased a building on Prospect Road in Oakland Park, Florida where her vintage clothing, costume, collectibles & prop rentals have grown her business by leaps and bounds in the 3000 square foot showroom.  She even has available for rent, her 1966 Mustang Convertible which has been rented on numerous occassions for photo shoots and on location film sites.

After 15 years in business, Melanie is still providing the best quality vintage pieces and props to the film, television and photography industries. As well as, individuals and groups for era theme parties, conventions, bar/bas mitzvas, mile-stone birthdays, class reunions, family reunions, and charity events and of course Halloween! 

It's been quite a journey and the growth is exciting!  But, the demand for what Vintage Diversity has to offer has reached a point where the showroom is not enough. Melanie has added online buying to the mix with some select pieces she wants to share with a global audience. So if you're looking for quality? Go to the Shopping page and click on our "EBAY STORE or our ETSY STORE "Revival of the Fittest".  The beautiful vintage pieces have been hand picked by Melanie, cleaned and restored to the best they could be after 30 plus years in existence. 

NOW AVAILABLE in our Fort Lauderdale showroom you will find Melanie's "Pupa Doll" vintage redesigns AND Rockabillly/Pin-Up vintage inspired pieces for sale. Many times a print or fabric from the past is fabulous but lacks in it's original design. Melanie then works her magic with deconstruction by hand. Once redesigned, the piece comes back to life under the name "Pupa Doll" ! Which was a name given to Melanie by her late Mom when she was born as she thought Melanie looked so much like a doll and not a real baby, she gave her the Italian name for doll which is Pupa". Her Mom called her "Pupa Doll" until she passed in 1994. Every "Pupa Doll" original redesign is designed with a flair for the unusual and made from the best original vintage clothing and fabrics.The "Pupa Doll" label also includes a fine quality rockabilly/pin -up line from Europe that will accommodate US sizes 2-18.

Vintage Diversity. An American Story from Julia Tuttle Transmedia on Vimeo.